Article: Precisamos falar do “efeito balbúrdia”: um diálogo com Paulo Freire sobre o papel da extensão em tempos de ataques à educação pública

Institution: Instituto Federal Fluminense do Brasil

Publication date: September 2020

Authors: Pâmella Passos and Evelyn Morgan

Language: Portuguese

This article is published in the context of a series of attacks on universities and public institutions in Brazil. Written by Professors Pâmella Passos and Evelyn Morgan, the article invites us to reflect on Paulo Freire’s contributions in the field of Extension, a key concept in Freire’s philosophy. It is worth mentioning that the works of Paulo Freire, an internationally renowned educator, have also been criticised by conservative sectors that advocate a neutral and impartial education as opposed to a critical, democratic and emancipatory education.